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9 techniques to worry less

Feb 04, 2022

59% of people admit to worrying daily. In today's email, I present 7 ways to worry less.


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Tactics to stop worry

Yesterday I tweeted the following:

It seems to have resonated with people, getting over 600 likes!

In fact, in 2020 59% of people reported worrying daily, which was up over 20%.

So how can we stop worrying?

Worry is one of those things that just happens and is hard to stop.

You start worrying before you're even consciously aware of it.

Worry can originate from all sorts of places:

  • Stress

  • Conflict

  • Busyness

  • Life change

  • The unknown

The list is endless!

But take comfort in this: worry is normal.

Worry becomes an issue when we ruminate on it. Ruminating can even cause physical symptoms.

So if you find yourself in a cycle of worry, try this:

  1. Examine your thoughts. What's the root?

  2. Write them down. Journaling helps you process and release it.

  3. Meditate.

  4. Breathing exercises.

  5. Gratitude. This helps you focus on something different.

  6. Get active. Activity helps release stress.

  7. Process it with family or friends.

  8. Seek professional help.

  9. Just start. Procrastination can be a root of worry, so action counteracts that.

What has helped you worry less?


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