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Measure, reflect, & iterate: a formula for reaching your goals

frameworks lessons learned Dec 28, 2022

This week is a bit different, as I share:

  1. Inputs vs outputs
  2. 3 questions to ask yourself
  3. My top content, by channel, for 2022

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A message from Long-Term Mindset

With the S&P 500 down 20% this year, many investors are wondering “is it worth it?”

To answer the question, yes it is.

The key is to focus on the long-term. When you do, history tells us you’ll win.

That’s what I love about the Long-Term Mindset Newsletter written by Brian Feroldi, Brian Stoffel, and Brian Withers. Yes, that’s 3 Brians.

Each week they write a short lesson and give you 1 graph, 1 piece of content, 1 Twitter thread, 1 resource, and 1 quote… all of which will help you become a better investor with a long-term mindset.

Measure, reflect, & iterate: a formula for reaching your goals

As the year comes to a close, I love to reflect on all the things I’ve accomplished.

And when I look back I realize… I’ve done a lot.

  • 157 Twitter threads
  • 52+ newsletter articles
  • 43 podcast episodes
  • 58 first-time networking calls
  • 243 workouts
  • 55 books read

Did you notice the trend? Each of the above numbers are inputs, not outputs.

At the beginning of each year, I start with goals.

After setting my goals, I determine the inputs I need to reach those goals.

I then track those inputs, monitor my progress, and adjust the inputs as needed.

I can’t control if a Twitter thread goes viral or not. But if I get the reps in and learn from those reps, the outcome I desire is inevitable.

I can’t control how many newsletter subscribers I have, but if I keep publishing, improving my craft, and networking, eventually I’ll grow.

I can’t control my weight, but if I work out (and eat healthily), I can improve my physical fitness.

While there is no specific output with reading, I know that if I do this consistently I’ll learn and grow. It’s a long-term play.

3 questions for 2023

As we look forward to 2023, I realized that the inputs vs outputs lesson could be distilled into 3 questions.

  1. What are your desired results in 2023?
  2. What inputs do you need to reach those goals?
  3. How will you review and iterate based on the results of the inputs?

With these 3 questions, you have all you need to assure that you achieve your goals next year.

I’d love to hear from each of you with one desired result, what input you’ll track, and how often you’ll review your progress.

Just reply to this email.

Best of 2022

2022 was my first full year on this content creation journey. I started in July 2021, so it was fun to go through a full cycle and see what that looked like.

As I reflected back, I thought it’d be fun to pull out my “biggest hits” of 2022 and share them with you in case you missed them.

Frameworks & Finance Newsletter

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Gamifying Cash Management in Your Business (a deep dive into the cash conversion cycle)

WTF FTX?!? Part 1  Part 2 (digging into the fraud and how to recognize this in your business)

Twitter Threads

Frameworks & Finance Podcast

Something Interesting

  • Sahil Bloom released a PDF to help guide you through an annual planning process. It’s really good and something I believe everyone should do each year. Check it out and give Sahil some love by joining his newsletter if you already aren’t.
  • More than 90,000 jobs have been cut in the tech sector in 2022. Here is a list of the layoffs and a pretty wild visualization here. 2023 looks to be a down year economically, but it’s yet to be seen if this spreads to other sectors. Time will tell!

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